Business Conduct Policies

Each of our officers, employees and directors are required to comply with the OMNOVA Solutions Business Conduct Policies, a code of business conduct and ethics adopted by the Company. It is OMNOVA's objective that our business is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. The OMNOVA Solutions Business Conduct Policies cover a broad range of subjects, including sales practices, conflicts of interest, insider trading, financial reporting, fair employment practices and confidential information. The policies require strict adherence to laws and regulations applicable to our business. OMNOVA employs an interactive training program for all employees that reinforces these policies and provides additional guidance on specific business conduct issues. In addition, the Company maintains the OMNOVA Solutions Business Conduct Phone Line where employees can report potential violations of the Business Conduct Policies, including reports to the Audit Committee of complaints or concerns regarding accounting, internal control or auditing matters, or concerning any member of senior management.


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