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OMNOVA Solutions' Green Bay, Wisconsin Paper Chemicals Facility Receives Environmental Award from General Electric

Fairlawn, Ohio


FAIRLAWN, OHIO, June 25, 2012 (NYSE: OMN) – OMNOVA Solutions’ Green Bay, Wisconsin paper chemicals facility was presented with a “Return on Environment Award” from General Electric’s (GE) Power & Water division for OMNOVA’s use of excess capacity in the plant’s reverse osmosis (RO) system to supply water to the boiler system. This has enabled the plant to reduce water, natural gas and boiler chemical usage, as well as decrease sewer discharge. The project has reduced the plant’s overall environmental impact and enabled it to realize significant cost savings.

“The RO units were operating better than we could’ve hoped, so we looked for opportunities to take full advantage of the benefits they provided,” said Mark Pomush, Technical Manager at OMNOVA’s Green Bay facility. “While the bottom line impact is important, we also take pride in being a responsible neighbor in our community and doing our part to preserve our local resources. Our team, along with OMNOVA as a whole, is committed to producing the highest quality products while continuously working toward reducing our environmental footprint.”

The Return on Environment Award recognizes a company for significantly surpassing and improving environmental and industrial operation goals while balancing industrial demands.

“The commitment of OMNOVA’s Green Bay plant shows that increasingly what’s good for the environment can also be good for business,” said Chris Weibel, General Manager, GE Water & Process Technologies. “They have proven that, in today’s world, being environmentally conscious need not be a negative on the bottom line. In fact, their commitment and efforts have demonstrated that improving operating efficiency and conserving natural resources is quickly becoming the fast track to improved capacity and healthier profit margins. OMNOVA’s outstanding leadership has set an example for others to aspire to and follow.”

OMNOVA Solutions is a Responsible Care company, with a strong, long-standing commitment to the American Chemistry Council’s environmental, health, safety and security initiative that covers nearly every aspect of chemical development, manufacturing, transportation and disposal.

OMNOVA Solution is a technology-based company with 2011 sales of $1.2 billion and a global workforce of approximately 2,300. OMNOVA is an innovator of emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals, and decorative and functional surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses.  Visit OMNOVA Solutions on the internet at


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